26 March 2011

Project H

well i'm being thinking how to make my wave 100cc to be a best of the best.  well here some crazy but not sure brilliant.

i hope who have some idea can gave my some so that the project can be done.
the first thing i want to do is :
1. buy the FI (fuel injection).  seems it became the trend of motorbike industry to make the fuel more efficiency.
2. change my carb. well i'm thinking to change my current carb to 115 or 125 which ever suitable.  but it think just stick to 115cc.  beside that change the needle to needle jet size +/- 0.04 so get some kicking.
3. next i'm thinking to change the current ECU to 125 ECU so it can be more effective in controlling or change to racing ECU.
4. lastly i'm thinking to change my coil to racing coil, and polish the head, just play moderate not to over.  and change my motor cosmetic..erm i'm thinking i maybe can make it. yup!yup! Ganbate!!


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